Flexopack has been using for many years its several commercial channels and partnerships with various Eastern countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, from which we currently import a broad range of products:

  • re-usable bags in woven PP, non-woven fabric, cotton, jute, recycled PET, polyester, nylon, etc.
  • cool bags
  • refuse sacks
  • gloves, aprons and other disposable products.

Flexopack focuses on quality also for its imports. We only use the best worldwide suppliers certified by qualified bodies and operators, and we monitor them personally through periodic inspections.

Imported items are also available in non-customized versions or with generic prints, like all Flexopack products; alternatively, we can process them with specific techniques and graphics supplied by the customer. Besides the large-scale retail trade, Flexopack also works with wholesalers and retailers.