• From biodegradable and compostable polymers (EN 13432:2002)
  • Stay-fresh packaging with two lateral wings, for food at charcuterie, delicatessen and butcher’s counters, etc.
  • It replaces currently used multiple material packaging 
(non-compostable), such as plastic-coated paper used at 
food counters.
  • It can be disposed of in the organic waste.
  • How to use: after placing the food product (e.g. cured meats, meat, cheese, etc.) in the inner part of the packaging, you only need to fold the two wings and the ends, and then close Flexopaper with a label. Once this quick and easy packaging operation is completed, the customer can go to the check-out.
  • Formats available: 18x25+3 cm; 25x37+3 cm; 33x40+3 cm; 37x50+3 cm; 50x75+3 cm; 75x100+3 cm tear-off.