We have been walking on the path that leads to the future for more than 50 years. Our mission is to develop extremely high-performance, cutting-edge products that completely respect the environment.

Flexopack is currently part of the SPHERE Group, the European leader in the market of packaging and bioplastic production. A group that shares the same values and pioneering identity, aimed at the development of responsible packaging and at protecting the environment.

The current economic, political and social circumstances require companies to be transparent, coherent and to be daily committed to the challenges of circular economy and of the conservation of the planet.

A commitment which cannot be solved with speech bubbles and facade operations, but which implies a concrete and effective strategy that is shared by the whole group, and put in place with continuity and profit.

The SPHERE group is jointly tending towards responsible consumption and to controlling the environmental impact through:

• the reduction of virgin plastic volumes used in our products and their replacement with recycled materials;

• the development of new biodegradable and compostable products;

• the use of raw materials obtained from renewable sources.

Our high performance industrial equipment for the processing of biodegradable and compostable polymers allows the creation of products with optimal mechanical and functional properties, in compliance with European environmental norms.

Flexopack is ISO UNI 9001 and ISO UNI 14001 certified, since 2002.

Our biodegradable and compostable bioplastics are OK compost INDUSTRIAL and OK compost Home certified.

Flexopack is always present in the main European expos for the sector, and it actively participates in the market dynamics, in order to be constantly up to date and keep up with the times. Or why not, to be one step ahead.